Work packages

The NeoGiant project is divided into 11 different Work Packages

WP1. Project management

Intended for the coordination of the project, for checking that the objectives are carried out and the work plan is followed, fulfilling the stipulated deadlines. It will also determine when there are deviations from the pre-established objectives and will implement the appropriate corrective measures.

WP Leader: University of Santiago de Compostela

WP2 - Grape extract production & natural formulations with antimicrobial properties

The extract will be obtained according to the needs of the different products. Different formulation at lab-scale will be obtained. The formulation form will depend on the final product: enhanced feed, treatment products or semen extenders. These formulations will be based on the natural extracts and its success will be determined by the retention of antimicrobial & antioxidant activity in the formulations.

WP Leader: University of La Laguna

WP3 – Assessment of the antimicrobial activity in-vitro

Validation of both the antimicrobial activity of the extracts and the in vitro antimicrobial efficacy of the different formulations, to define the spectrum of action of the products obtained and to select the most promising formulations to use in in vivo assays. Tests to study the AMR of the products will be carried out.

WP Leader: University of Santiago de Compostela

WP4. Assessment of the eubiotic formulation for feed at small scale

In this WP, the first prototypes (at small-scale) of enhanced feeds: cattle, swine and poultry feed and aquafeed will be manufactured. This WP also covers the in vivo testing with the different prototypes to demonstrate the antioxidant and eubiotic properties of the products with respect to the improvement of the animal growth and performance.

WP Leader: Anitom

WP5. Assessment of the antimicrobial formulation for animal treatment products (MRI)

The first prototypes for treatment products at small-scale will be manufactured. This WP also covers the in vivo testing of the different prototypes, to demonstrate the efficiency of the treatments developed.

WP Leader: Moredun Research Institute

WP6. Validation of the antimicrobial formulation for sperm preservation

The first prototypes of semen extenders for cattle, swine and poultry and fish will be manufactures.

WP Leader: Bianor Biotech

WP7. Effects on the gastrointestinal track and the immune system

This package seeks to provide measurable scientific evidence of the beneficial effects of the products developed. In particular, the variations at the immune system level resulting from the consumption of the products tested; and variations in the intestinal flora of the animals. The results obtained in this WP will make it possible to define the mechanism of action of the different products developed, thus determining the scope of use of each of them.

WP Leader: IBPRS

WP8. Eco-design and pre-commercial validation at pre-industrial scale

In this WP the economic and environmental assessment of the prototypes will be measured through an LCSA. Besides, the eco-design of the extraction and manufacturing of products to scale-up to pre-industrial scale will be performed to determine the best options both environmentally and economically. Moreover, all the results obtained in the rest of the WPs will be implemented for the design and creation of the final products, determining the final appearance of the them.

WP Leader: Contactica Innovation

WP9 Market, Exploitation & Legal requirements

This WP will ultimately guarantee the transfer of the final products to the market, so that they are alternative products to the use of antibiotics in animal production. A Business Model will be prepared, as part of the Exploitation Plan, for every final product to determine the way of the potential entering into the market (CTA). To complete the exploitation activities, a Business Plan will be also prepared including all the final products, as well as a study of the legal requirements to the potential commercialisation of each product.

WP Leader: Nutrition Sciences

WP10 Cooperating with European Commission Services

Cooperation with different EU platforms, policy makers, other H2020 projects and different initiatives (EIP-AGRI) will be carry out. Due to the different scopes of NeoGiANT partners reaching different organizations and platform will be possible

WP Leader: University of Santiago de Compostela
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